MANTRA ASSOCIATES is determined to make Technology the go word in the Region.

Mantra Associates is an initiative forged in the form of an organization, making a mark in the World of Information and Communication Technology and we are focused as a team to deliver and provide the best in Technology without any compromise. We are a diverse organization with a range of products that are sufficient to cater the needs of the society and the industry in the Technological revolution taking place in the 21st century. Our products and expertise covers from Sales, Services, and Consultancy to Training.

We at Mantra Associates are not only driven towards the industry but also understand the importance of strengthening the academia and thus our academic outreach programs are in place so as to make a healthy contribution to the development of the human resource and in this regard, we provide Training, Seminars, and workshops for students / faculties / job seekers. Taking on Policy, Planning, Diversity, and Sustainability we here at Mantra create and deliver value to our customers and society.


Today's market scenario is highly competitive and it demands fierce competition and thus organizations may sometimes develop a myopic vision towards some of the many aspects that are related to delivering value to the customers and the society but MANTRA ASSOCIATES has made a vigilant effort to impart value to our customers and society and pledges to continue to do the same in the future.

We are an organization formed by highly skilled and dedicated professionals that are determined to give more than their best each and every time and anyone who wishes nothing but perfection can consider Mantra as their final destination when it comes to Technology and its Solutions. With our diverse array of products and services we believe we can provide you with all your Technology solutions, be it academic or industry.


The 21st century has seen Technology take turns and leaps that are beyond any predictions. This only states the truth about certain people that have always been fascinated by technology and this fact remains true for each one of us at Mantra, we can call ourselves lovers of Technology and believers in Science.

We are a bunch of young professionals with a desire to illuminate all that we can with the light of knowledge, provide services of highest quality, deliver products with most advanced technical aspects and above all transfer technology with a human touch.