STP 2019 in collaboration with Electronics ICT Academy IIT Guwahati

Mantra Associates considers the growth in technology to be a reason for the growth of a nation. Youths and young talents can surely be a part of the development of a society in technological world with their intelligence and potential in various domains. We have been providing various Training Programmes like Summer/Winter Training Programme, Faculty Development Programme, Seminars, Workshops etc. to up-bring such potential and talent throughout the region for a better world, not only for oneself but for entire society. We surely believe that the technology should reach to everyone and we are conducting the Summer Training Programme to make it come true.

The Summer Training Programme-2019 is yet another step of Mantra Associates in collaboration with E&ICT Academy, IIT-Guwahati to come closer to the talented minds providing a range of courses on demand by the present IT industry and intellectual growth. Each presented course is set-up for duration of 40 hrs in a period of 12 days from 17th June to 28th June and 01st July to 12thJuly, 2019.

The courses to be offered in the Summer of 2019 are:

  1. Python Programming Language

    Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple but effective approach to object-oriented programming. Python’s elegant syntax and dynamic typing, together with its interpreted nature, make it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in many areas on most platforms.

    Python has gained lots of popularity in recent times and it is widely used in many horizons of software development, web-development, artificial intelligence, etc. Thus Python should be the top choice for budding programmers and coders.

  2. Web Design & Development

    PHP is a cross platform and easy to use scripting language, now one of the foremost and a highly accepted website development technology. The demand of the language is growing very rapidly after its numerous advantages making it a developers’ first choice.

  3. Embedded Systems Design

    Embedded systems design is a productive synergy between hardware and software design. Essentially, it’s the art of choosing and designing the proper combination of hardware and software components to achieve design goals like speed and efficiency. By the end of the programme, trainees should be able to create a basic circuit and then design a PCB out of it. Trained hands on Embedded Systems are potential recruits in almost all technological suits in today’s world.

Important Notice

Due to the exam schedule released by Assam Science and Technology University, the Summer Training Programme 2019 has been posponed. If you are interested then kindly register clicking on the link below


Course Schedule

Registration is over

First Batch
Date: 01-07-2019 to 13-07-2019

Second Batch
Date: 08-07-2019 to 20-07-2019

Venue: IIT Guwahati

Status: Successfully Completed